Housing America's Older Adults 2023

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Hosted By:
Joint Center for Housing Studies

Over the next ten years, the US population over the age of 75 will increase by 45 percent, from 17 million to nearly 25 million. The growth is widespread, across urban, suburban, and rural communities, and sharpest among the baby boomers who will begin entering their 80s in this decade.

As the population of older adults swells, so too does demand for housing that is both affordable and able to accommodate their changing needs. Millions of older adults are cost burdened, and homelessness is on the rise. Looking forward, the urgent need for affordable housing will continue to grow, not only because of the increasing number of older adults, but because of widening inequality and the challenge of providing both housing and care for this surging population. 

Alarmingly, the people most likely to need care and supportive services as they age are those with low and moderate incomes. The need is only growing, as is the urgency to act. Join the The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies for their new Housing America's Older Adults 2023 report.